IJ Network Tool Canon is an international leader in imaging products for commercial, professional, and personal use. With its wide product portfolio, Canon offers cutting-edge image quality and intuitive features to assure unmatched user experience. IJ Network Tool Canon offers a complete range of products that includes Printers, Scanners, Cameras, etc. It is a renowned brand that has pioneered in the industry with its state-of-the-art imaging products. In fact, it assures unparalleled user experience by means of its avant-garde products and services. Moreover, it is backed by a team of one of the most knowledgeable technicians.

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What is an “IJ Network Tool”?

Group IJ Network Tool is a tool stash programming with the choices to keep a large portion of your Canon printer network settings and change them as per your necessities. The Canon IJ Network apparatus will help you through the organisation settings uninterruptedly. It is basically required when you are endeavouring to get your printer associated with an alternate organisation on the grounds that another organisation will in general reset the printer’s current organisation settings. Establishment of the IJ network apparatus follows the establishment of your Canon gadget to later stay aware of the organisation settings of your printer gadget.

Focuses to be considered prior to utilising Canon IJ Network Tool

Utilising the Canon IJ Network device expects you to keep an eye out for the focuses referenced underneath extensively:

  • On the off chance that you need a LAN arrangement for your printer, you ought to have the expected availability gear like Network Access Point (Router/Modem), LAN Cable and so forth.
  •  To get your IJ Network device to work, you first need to check your printer’s availability through LAN association. Then, check your LAN link cautiously. At last, ensure there are no cuts or scratches on the link.
  • To utilise the Canon IJ Network Tool, you should guarantee your printer isn’t being used filling essential roles like printing, examining, replicating, and so forth In this way, you can utilise the device solely after you have completed your essential printing, checking and different positions on your Canon printer.
  • At the point when the device is being used, ensure you don’t involve a printer for any capacity, be it printing, filtering, or replicating.
  • In the event that your printer’s security virtual products’ firewall highlight is on, you might wind up getting the advance notice message which refreshes you on your Canon printer programming’s endeavour to associate with the accessible organisation. For this situation, you really want to permit admittance to the utility apparatus.
  • IJ network device doesn’t uphold client account exchanging. In this manner, you first need to leave the product and afterward continue with the exchanging of the client account.

Downloading and Installing Canon IJ Network Tool

You can use the IJ network contraption exclusively subsequent to having it downloaded and presented on your device. The IJ network device is a piece of a MP printer driver, and thus, can be downloaded and introduced with it. To get this device, you really want to follow the means given underneath:

  • Open your favoured internet browser on your framework and supplement the URL usa.canon.com/support in the location field. The Canon support page opens up on your screen. Mx922-printer-arrangement
  • Presently, look for your ordinance item in the predefined search field.
  • On arriving at your item window, you will see a download interface for your printer’s driver under the Canon Printer Drivers and Download area.
  • Click on the Download tab to get the driver downloaded on your gadget.
  • Once downloaded effectively, continue with the driver’s establishment cycle on your gadget.
  • To introduce the driver, you should double tap on the as of late downloaded record and afterward continue with the on-screen guidelines.
  • While the establishment continues, a Software Selection Window opens up on your screen.This will then, at that point, be trailed by the fruitful establishment of the Canon IJ Network Tool on your gadget.

After Getting to the Canon IJ Network Tool

After fruitful finishing of download and establishment of the IJ network apparatus, the exceptionally subsequent stage is to run the product on your PC. Running the product is just conceivable when you access the product, and it might then be trailed by utilising it to arrange your organisation. The IJ Network Tool might be found in various areas regarding different working frameworks you are at present utilising on our PC. To get to your recently introduced Canon IJ Network Tool, you might consider adhering to the directions given beneath:


  • Having the product downloaded on your Mac PC, you might check for the product by tapping on the Finder symbol.
  • Then, click in a hurry menu and open Applications. You will see a window with every one of the introduced applications on your Mac gadget.
  • Here, track down the Canon utility organiser and open it.
  • Presently, snap to choose the “IJ Network Tool” organiser.
  • At last, click on the product symbol to open it.

On Windows:

  • Go to the Start menu in your Windows OS PC or press the Windows key to open the Start menu.
  • Presently, go to All Programs. Look at every one of the accessible choices and search for Canon Network Utilities.
  • When you track down it, snap to open it.
  • Presently, go to the IJ Network instrument.
  • You can on the other hand look for the program straightforwardly.
  • Composing the name in the hunt field.

Windows 7, Vista or XP

  • Click on the Windows “Start” button arranged at the base left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Select “All Programs”.
  • Presently, pick the “Ordinance Utilities” program.
  • Then, at that point, settle on “IJ Network Tool”.
  • By and by, go for this instrument to begin this easy to understand device.

Note: in the event that the product can’t identify your printer and show it. Then, at that point, you need to tap the “Update” button. This will function as a revive button.

  • Close to this, the Confirm Connection Access Point screen will incite. It will show the organisation with which the device will associate your printer. Press the “Yes” tab to show your acknowledgement.
  • In the wake of looking for a couple of moments, the effective arrangement finishing message will show up. Click “Alright” to process further.
  • From there on, you will be approached to add your printer. To do as such, make the expected determination and snap the “Add” printer. This will finish up the design cycle.