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Canon f170 Setup – How to Connect Canon f170 to Wifi

canon printer connect to wifi

A high-performance printer that offers the best performance and printing quality is the Canon f170. It produces printing projects quickly and with high-quality colour saturation. You must complete Canon F170 Setup using a wired connection or a wireless connection before using the printer. Because it supports different paper qualities, you can use a wide range of papers for printing projects. Using the mess-free ink system, it produces output that is dependable and effective. The Printer is the most dependable and quick process for wireless printing jobs. On a compatible device with an active internet connection, you can complete the Canon F170 WIFI Setup.

1. Assembly and setup of the Canon F170 printer

Take the required precautions to unpack the printer by removing all the tapes if this is your first time using it. Ink tanks, papers, wires, input and output trays, and other components should then be assembled. Check sure none of the wires are broken at all. Connect the printer to the power supply at the wall. Wait for the LED light to turn on properly after turning the device on. Be sure to check the placement of each component as you place the printer to ensure accuracy. Place the printer in the appropriate temperature and humidity range. Before beginning the Canon Setup, check sure the printer is responding.

-Ink Tanks Setup is needed for printer assembly.

-Setup of the output tray

-Input Tray Setup

-Entering the accurate sheet measurement

2. Download and instal the Canon F170 Setup driver and software package.

Connect that your system is connected to a high-speed internet connection before downloading the printer. Keep the network operating precisely and without any hiccups. For fast internet, put the router close to the device. Additionally, lessen the network’s load on the systems. Follow these steps to do it:

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-Turn the computer on.

-Launch a web browser. Enter the URL for Canon’s official webpage online.

-Next, select the “Software and Driver” menu item.

-Enter “Canon F170” for the printer’s name and model number.

-Enter the key.

-You can see the driver and software for your printer on the screen.

-Select the download button adjacent to it.

-Watch for the process to be finished.

-To open the file that was downloaded, click the link. This file is also accessible in your system’s “Downloads” folder.

-By selecting “Yes” from the installation box’s “Yes” question, you can start the installation process.

-Follow the instructions to the letter to complete the installation process.

-Complete the “Finish” button to finish the process.

You will be one step closer to the Canon F170 Setup process once the installation process has been successfully completed. You can now complete the connection process. There are primarily two approaches to it. The first one is the USB cable-based wired connection process. The Canon F170 WIFI Setup is the second. It is through the wireless connection process that allows for remote system access.

3. Connect the Printer to the System – Canon F170 Setup Connection Process

The next step is to complete the connection process by adding the printer to the computer and selecting the connection method in the control panel of the printer. The steps are as follows:

4. Use a wired connection to connect the printer

The USB cord is the first way to connect the printer. Connect the cable’s other end to the computer and the other end to the printer. Follow the computer’s on-screen directions. In the computer’s settings, add the printer’s name. For a connection test, print the test page. The likelihood of failure is higher than Canon F170 WIFI Setup, making it a less desirable technique. In order to enjoy the uninterrupted connection services, you must periodically inspect the wires and USB cords for any damage. Additionally, using a USB connection to print remotely is not possible. Occasionally check the ports as well to control the connection.

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5. Use a wireless connection to connect a printer

To connect the printer wirelessly over a network, follow the steps listed below.

-Click the setup button on the Printer.

-To navigate the LAN Setup option in the printer’s control panel, use the arrow keys.

-Press the OK key.

-Again, navigate to the Manual Setup option using the arrow keys.

-Press the OK key.

-Now select the “cable-less setup” option.

Go to the Computer Settings through navigation.

-Click on Printer and Devices.

-Choose the name of your printer and connect it by clicking Add a Printer.

-The Canon F170 Setup has now successfully finished the process of establishing a wireless connection. Contact the Canon printer support hotline if you’re still having problems.