Canon MX490 is a multipurpose printer that makes printing easier and more convenient. The printer is 30% smaller than other MX models due to its excellent connectivity options. Print, copy, scan, and fax from a single machine in more places than ever before. The Canon MX490 Printer setup wizard can also be used to enable wireless printing from your smartphone or tablet. Its time-saving features include a fully integrated automatic document feeder that can hold up to sheets of paper. After you have set up, installed, and configured the Canon MX490 Wireless Printer, you can connect it to WiFi. You can use your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone to print wirelessly by connecting this printer to WiFi.

The pre-installed My Image Garden software is one of the printer’s distinguishing features. This software includes all of the printing features you’ll need, such as special filters and full HD movie printing. It offers an excellent way to organise your photos by using a calendar view and cutting-edge facial recognition technology. Canon pixma wireless setup is possible both at home and in the office. Read this page thoroughly to learn more about Canon Wireless Printer setup MX490 and basic troubleshooting for some of the printer’s most common issues.

How to Setup Canon MX490?

As with other wireless printers, make sure you have a stable internet connection before beginning the Canon MX490 installation. Keep your wireless network name (SSID) and network key handy for the printer setup process as well. Now, carefully follow the steps below to set up the Canon MX490 Wireless Printer:

  • The printer driver can be downloaded from the Canon website.
  • After opening the downloaded.exe file, click “Next.”
  • Click Next after selecting “Wireless LAN Connection.”
  • Select “Connect using a wireless router (recommended)” and then click Next.
  • After selecting “Cableless setup,” click Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the printer driver installation.
  • When the Canon MX490 Printer setup is complete, click “Complete” to finish the installation.
  • You have now installed the printer successfully.

The Canon MX490 wireless setup is an effective way to eliminate the inconveniences associated with the use of cables. You can install Canon MX490 and meet your advanced printing needs wirelessly in both your home and office by following the steps outlined above.

Canon MX490 Wireless Setup | How to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to WiFi

Before connecting your MX490 printer to WiFi, follow the steps outlined above to configure it. Then, navigate to Canon’s official website and select the driver download section to obtain the Canon MX490 driver software. Follow the steps below to learn how to connect your Canon MX490 printer to WiFi:

  1. Download the printer driver from the Canon website.
  2. To install the software, follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Select your wireless router when the “Select Wireless Router” screen appears.
  4. Enter the wireless network key and click Next.
  5. Wait for the setup process to complete before proceeding.
  6. After finishing the printer driver installation, click the “Exit” button.

Instances may occur if you encounter problems while following the steps outlined above. In such cases, consult the Canon MX490 user guide. The Canon MX490 user manual will show you how to connect the printer to Wi-Fi and will go over wireless printer setup in detail. In addition, the user manual answers your question about connecting my Canon MX490 to my computer.

Canon MX490 Wireless Setup for Mac | Canon MX490 Wireless Setup for Windows

Canon MX490 Mac Configuration

Using the wireless Canon MX490 setup for Mac computers, you can connect your printer to a wireless network. The following are the steps to install Canon MX490 on Mac:

  • Launch the downloaded setup file (.exe) on your Mac to begin the printer setup.
  • Select “Setup” and then “Next” on the first screen.
  • Enter your administrator name and password, then press the “Install Helper” button.
  • Choose “WLAN Connection.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and then select Cableless Setup to continue the setup process.
  • Choose “Add Printer.”
  • Select your printer and then click “Add.”
  • Click “Exit” to complete the Canon MX490 setup on Mac.

Canon MX490 Wireless Setup | Canon MX490 Windows Setup

The MX490 printer’s wireless setup for Windows allows you to meet your printing needs on Windows OS wirelessly. The Canon MX490 wireless setup for Windows computer requires the simple steps listed below:

  • To download and install the printer setup file, go to Canon’s official website (.exe).
  • Click “Next” and then select “Wireless LAN Connection” on the initial setup screen.
  • After selecting “Connect via Wireless router (recommended),” click Next.
  • “Cableless setup” should be set to “Yes.”
  • After completing the Canon MX490 wireless setup for Windows, click the “Complete” button.
  • To ensure that the setup is correct, follow the on-screen instructions and print a test page.

Why isn’t my Canon MX490 printer working?

If your Canon MX490 printer isn’t printing, make sure it’s connected to your computer. Second, make sure your printer and computer are both on the same wireless network.f your Canon MX490 printer isn’t printing, make sure it’s connected to your computer. Second, make sure your printer and computer are both on the same wireless network.

Canon MX490 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the process of determining the source of an error. The problem with this printer dictates how troubleshooting is carried out. While this printer is well-known for producing high-quality prints, performing a Canon MX490 wireless setup usually resolves the majority of its issues, allowing it to print wirelessly.

(FAQs) on Canon MX490 wireless setup

Ques. What is the problem with my Canon MX490 printer not printing?

Ans. The steps to resolve the Canon MX490 Printer not printing issue are as follows:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Remove the power cable from both your printer and the power outlet.
  • Reconnect the cable and power on the printer after two minutes.
  • Print a test page.

Ques. How do I set up the MX490 printer driver on my computer?

Follow the steps below to install the MX490 printer driver on your computer:

  • To begin, double-click the setup (.exe) file.
  • Click “Startup” on the first screen.
  • Choose “Next.”
  • If you agree with the terms of the License Agreement, click “Yes.”
  • By clicking “Next,” you can select your printer from the list of available printers.
  • Choose Add.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the printer driver installation.

Ques. How do I wirelessly configure the Canon MX490?

Follow the steps below to perform a Canon MX490 wireless setup:

  • Go to Canon’s official website to install the printer driver.
  • Once WLAN has been selected, click Next.
  • Click Next after selecting “Connect via wireless router.”
  • After selecting “Wireless configuration,” click Next.
  • To finish installing the printer driver, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Click “Complete” to finish the setup and exit the installation.
  • The Canon MX490 Printer configuration is now complete.