The Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer has  similar features to the Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Business Printer. A slightly faster pace, slightly lower text quality, and slightly higher photo quality are among the few differences. The most significant change is support for wired and wireless networks. There aren’t many single-function printers that can print on letter or non-legal size paper at low prices for  home offices.

Wi-Fi support is where the iX6820 outperforms his Epson WF-7010. It also has  mobile printing features such as: B. Cloud printing, AirPrint support and Wi-Fi printing  from Android and iOS phones and tablets using Canon’s free apps. To use these mobile printing features, your printer must be directly connected to your network.

Paper handling is not one of the company’s strengths. The good news is that you can print on both tabloids and super tabloids up to 13″ x 19″. Unfortunately, the printer only has one paper tray, so you can’t load letter-size paper and larger paper at the same time. There is also no optional duplexer (for duplex printing). With only one tray, the Pixma iX6820 is perfect as his second printer to complement letter-sized printers. Additionally, the tray can only hold 150 sheets. This is not enough for a single printer. But it’s fine as a backup printer for large format printing. By comparison, the Epson WF-7010 has two 250-sheet trays and a duplex unit that can handle paper sizes up to 13 x 44 inches.

Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer

1. Initial Setup

The dimensions are 6.3 x 23 x 12.3 inches (HWD). However, if you have the space you need, it’s very easy to set up. To change the printer’s default network connection configuration (which is set to allow connections over Wi-Fi) to allow connections over Ethernet instead, press and hold the button until the status light must be counted. Unfortunately Canon didn’t include this information in the quick start guide and the printer doesn’t come with the mysterious decoder ring. According to company representatives, information will be displayed on the screen during normal setup, but if, as in my situation, the information is missed or the setup program cannot be run, there is no way to get a wired network connection. not. operate. Switching between wired and wireless setups is easy once you know how.

 A Canon spokesperson said the company is investigating possible solutions to the problem.  The  output quality of the printer was mixed, with text and graphics  slightly below average and photos slightly above average. Text creation was at the lower end of the spectrum for tabloid-ready inkjet printers. Unless a small font is needed, most people think most businesses can accommodate his needs.

2.  Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Setup

This page details how to set up the Canon Pixma iX6820 wireless printer on Windows and Mac devices.

3. Setting Up a Canon Pixma ix6820 Wireless Connection 

Carefully write down the steps for setting up your Canon ix6820 wireless printer.

– Make sure the Canon ix6820 printer is turned on.

-Check if the access point button can be pressed.

– Press and hold his WiFi button (A) on the printer until the white power light flashes once. Release the WiFi button after blinking.

– Make sure the blue WiFi light blinks quickly and the white power light is on.

– Then press and hold the access point button.

– Finally, you should check that both the blue WiFi light and the white power light are  on.

– Wireless network connection setup completed.

4. Setting up the Canon ix6820 Wireless Printer in Windows

The following steps  show  how to set up the Canon ix6820 wireless printer in Windows.

– Make sure the printer, router, and Windows PC are powered on before starting the wireless setup.

– Connect the Canon ix6820 printer to the wireless router as described above.

– Download the printer driver to your Windows PC now.

– After the download is complete, double-click the Driver Software Package option to open setup. Then complete the installation process.

– Click on the Windows Search option to open the  Control Panel.

– Select Devices and Printers in the next field.

– Then click on the Add Printer section on the left side of the Windows screen. A list of printers is displayed. Select your printer from the list and wait a few seconds.

– Once the printer is added, it will appear in the Devices and Printers pane. Now comes the print test.

5. Cabling Techniques (Canon Pixma ix6820)

Note the steps in the Cabling Instructions for Canon ix6820.

– Make sure the Canon ix6820 printer is turned on. Here the white power light is on.

– This requires an Ethernet cable. Remove the cap (B) from the top connector (right side) on the back of the Canon Pixma ix6820 printer.

– Now connect the printer to the network device (C) using an ethernet cable. Make sure it is not connected to a USB port.

-Press the Resume/Cancel button 11 times until the Power light blinks. After the 11th blink, release the Resume/Cancel button to complete the wired connection setup.

– Download the printer driver to your Windows PC now.

– Once the download is complete, select the driver package option to start the installation. Then follow the on-screen instructions carefully to complete the installation.

– Open the Run dialog box, type Control Panel, and  click OK.

– In the  box that appears next, select Devices and Printers.

– Click the Add Printer option in the upper left  corner. A list of installed printers is displayed.

– Select your printer model and wait a few seconds. Finally, your Canon printer should now appear in the Devices and Printers section and ready to use.

6. How to wirelessly set up a Canon ix6820 printer on a Mac

The following steps  show users how to wirelessly set up a Canon ix6820 printer  on a Mac.

– After turning on the printer and wireless router, make sure  both the printer and machine are connected to the same network.

– Follow the steps in the first section of this article to connect the printer to his WiFi network.

– You must download and install the latest printer driver. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the driver download.

– Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.

– On the next screen, click Printers & Scanners under the Printers & Scanners option.

– Click the “+” sign in the lower left corner of the command prompt screen.

– Select your printer from the drop-down list and wait a few seconds for the connection to be established.

– Canon ix6820 printer  connected to  Mac system.

Hope this article helps users in setting up her Canon ix6820 printer.

7. How to Repair The Canon Pixma IX6820 is unable to print.

– Improper installation, empty cartridges, print settings, or  outdated drivers can cause this issue.

– First and foremost, make sure the printer is turned on.

– Flashes the activity lamp. Wait until the power LED stops blinking before proceeding.

– If you used a USB cable to connect the printer and  computer, double check that the cable is properly connected to the printer and  computer.

– Inspect cables for  damage and replace them with new ones if necessary.

– Next, open the Print dialog box and make sure your printer name is selected.

– Select the printer icon from your PC’s Printers and Drivers folder, select the Ports tab, and make sure the correct port is selected.

– Do a print test now. If you still can’t print, try updating or reinstalling the printer driver and restarting the printer.