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Canon Pixma TR4520 Setup: How to Print, Fax, Setup Ink Cartridge?

Canon Pixma TR4520 Setup

Excited to set up a Canon TR4520 printer with your computer? Learn with us! If you are a new user of the Canon Pixma TR4520 printer and need help setting it up, this article is for you. Here are some easy ways to set up your Canon printer TR4520.

Also learn how to install the Canon TR4520 driver, how to print documents using Canon TR4520 ink cartridges, and how to set up a Canon TR4520 fax. In addition, if you encounter a Canon TR4520 paper jam error, we will also teach you how to fix it.

1. Canon Pixma TR4520 Setup Instructions

Setting up the IJ Start Canon TR4520 printer requires certain responsibilities. For example, before setting up IJ Start Canon TR4520, you need to install a compatible driver on your computer. Here, first download and install the Canon TR4520 driver.

2. How do I set up my Canon TR4520 printer?

Now that the operating system has the drivers installed, the next step is to set up the printer. You can set up your Canon TR4520 printer in three different ways: Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand these three methods.So let’s set up our Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless All-in-One Printer with these great ways.

Method 1: Setting up the Canon Pixma TR4520 with USB

Setting up the Canon Pixma TR4520 via USB is the easiest of all the steps. Note: If you do not have the Canon Pixma TR4520 driver, please download and install it on your computer before following this method. After successfully installing the driver, the software may ask you to choose a connection method. At this point you can select the USB connection and configure the setup. Then connect the Canon Pixma TR4520 USB cable to both your computer and printer. This will establish the connection. Then you can check if you need to print a page to check the USB connection.

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Method 2: Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless Settings

Another way to wake up the printer is by using a wireless connection. To set up the Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless All-in-One Printer, you need to make sure the TR4520 Canon printer is powered on. Then follow these steps:

-Press the “Menu” or “Wireless Connection” button for about 3 seconds.

– Put the “CD” in the drive and run the driver file.

– Click the “Start Setup” option.

-Read the Network Security Notice and tap the Next button.

– Select a “Region” name.

– Click “Next” and press the “Yes” button.

-Click the “Agree” button and confirm the wireless connection.

-Once the connection is established, click Next.

– After installing the driver, click the “Start” button to start test printing.

-Select additional software to launch and click Next. – Then click the “Finish” button to complete the process.

Method 3: LAN connection setup for Canon Pixma TR4520

Wireless Direct is the third great way to connect your Canon printer to your network. This method requires you to remember the network password (used to connect the printer). It also automatically changes the SSID and other security settings. To connect the printer via LAN connection, follow these steps:

– Turn on your Canon printer.

・Tap the “Setup” icon on the home screen of the printer.

– Select the “Settings” option.

– Go to “Device Settings”.

– Click “LAN Settings”. -Tap the “Wireless Direct” option and select the “On” option to enable it.

– You may be asked to disclose your password on the screen. Please select “Yes” or “No” as you like.

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– You will see a list of available wireless connections. Select the network to connect the printer to. – Turn on your device’s wireless connection.

・Select the serial name of the printer from the list. You will see the prefix “DIRECT”.

– Enter your password here. That’s all! Now you can enjoy the features of the IJ Start Canon TR4520 printer.

3. How to print with a Canon TR4520 printer?

IJ Start Canon TR4520 Printer has been successfully set up and I am looking forward to printing. Do you know the correct way? You can check it in this part of the guide. To print with this device, you have to load your sheets into the printer and then follow a few simple steps. To better understand this procedure, follow the steps below.

– Turn on the printer.

-Open the paper tray.

– Load paper (A4) in the input tray. Check the paper orientation.

– Install the Canon Pixma TR4520 driver on your computer.

– Select the “Printing Preferences” option.

– Click the “Apply” button.

– Select printer paper size and other features.

– Select a print quality standard. This will start the printing process.

4. How do I send a fax with the Canon Pixma TR4520 printer?

Fax transmission from the printer can also be performed with Canon printers. Let’s follow the steps to set up the Canon TR4520 Fax. Let’s read it now:

-Power on the printer.

-Press the fax button. The fax standby screen is displayed.

-Place the document to be faxed on the scanner glass. Change Scan Contrast and Resolution.

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-Use the numeric keypad to enter the appropriate recipient’s Fax Number.

-Tap the Color button to print the fax in color. For black and white printing, you can tap the Black button.

5. Setting up the Canon Pixma TR4520 Ink Cartridge

You may need to replace or reset the ink cartridges. This can affect printing and should be done with caution. Now let’s learn the easiest steps to set up the Canon Pixma TR4520 ink cartridge. important:

Before you start setting up your ink cartridges, consider the following:

– Do not touch the electrical contacts or the cartridge printhead nozzles. The press may stop operating or printing.

-The inside of the printer may be stained with ink. Be careful when replacing ink cartridges, as doing so may stain your clothes or hands.

-Do not stop the cartridge holder while moving. Also, do not try to force the cartridge holder to move.

-Do not touch the metal inside the press.

– Discard empty cartridges.

Follow these steps to replace the ink in your Canon TR4520.

-Turn on the printer.

-Open the front cover. Also open the output tray.

-Remove the paper from the cassette.

– Open the output cover.

– Cartridge holder moves to the exchange position. Be careful not to touch the inside of the holder.

– Push the ink cartridge until it clicks into place.

– Eject the cartridge and take out the new cartridge. Carefully remove the protective strip from the package.

– Insert the ink cartridge (at an angle) into the cartridge holder.

-Color cartridge moves left, rear cartridge moves right.