It can happen because of problems with email settings, connectivity, and STMP server settings. To get the Canon error code 752, you need to fix these problems. It doesn’t matter, though, because you can easily fix this by turning off and then turning on your printer.

If this does not solve your problem, you may wish to consider other options. In this post, we have provided several solutions to Canon printer error code 752 that you can use.

Please verify that the server is operational.

You must first ensure that the server is operational before proceeding with any other solution. As previously stated, email issues can also cause this error. This problem can also be caused by server functionality issues.

Check that your network is operational.

It’s possible that you’re having this problem because your internet connection is down. You can quickly identify the source of a network problem by checking the network connection status.

When there is a network connectivity issue, Canon printer error code 752 is frequently displayed. As a result, you must investigate your network connection to determine if it is the source of the issue.

Examine the Name of Your STMP Server

The primary cause of the problem, according to the error message, is your STMP server. It is easy to make mistakes when there is a problem with the STMP server. The STMP server name is used to verify the authenticity of an email or fax.

Examine the communication settings to determine the STMP server name and email address. This is a dependable method for resolving Canon printer problems.

If the error code persists after trying all of the above solutions, you must contact a customer service representative or a technician. He will investigate the problem and offer you the best solution possible. It is critical to resolve the error code as soon as possible, or else the situation will become quite problematic.