The E13 error code represents a general indication error. Dial Canon Printer Customer Support Number to effectively deal with such error messages. It is far easier to resolve Canon Printer Error Message E13 Code. When the system believes the ink in the cartridge has run out, this error appears. It indicates that the ink cartridge should be changed or replaced as soon as possible. Your printer is unable to print or scan as a result of this error. If you use refilled or remanufactured cartridges, you may receive low or empty error messages. The affected cartridge is unable to detect new ink within it.

To ensure that the printer has enough ink, Canon Inkjet Printers calculate the number of pages printed as well as the amount of ink in the cartridge. If it cannot detect enough ink, this error is displayed.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code E13

This error is simpler than you think. To resolve this Canon printer error as soon as possible, use the solutions listed below. You’ll find the best solution for dealing with such error messages in the shortest amount of time right here. For more dependable solutions, contact Canon Printer Customer Service.

Solution 1: Ignoring the message

  • To begin, go to your Canon Device’s Stop, Reset, or Resume button.
  • Then, for more than five seconds, press and hold the reset button. After a long period of holding the button, release it. This allows you to keep printing even if the ink in the cartridges has run out.
  • Canon printers continue to print without an estimated ink level on the screen. You will be able to print until the ink cartridges are physically depleted. However, you should replace it as soon as possible to improve print quality.

Solution 2: Check to see if there is any additional printer damage

You risk causing serious damage to your system if you continue to use your printer after the ink has run out. Excessive use of an extended version may cause the print head to burn. To resolve this error, replace the ink cartridges as soon as possible.

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