Users of Canon printers are well-versed in the intricacies of error codes. Several reports have surfaced of error codes in the printer while printing documents for scanning. However, this is not a new phenomenon, and, more importantly, the error codes do not devalue the specific printer brand. For those encountering error codes for the first time, it is critical to understand that these error codes represent common printer issues. And if the issues detected in your printer appear to be minor, they are simple to resolve. You need to follow the simple method, which includes the step-by-step declaration.

As you are aware, the depth of a cut must first be determined to treat it. Next, you must identify the causes of the error code P10 in the same reference. Only then will you determine which methods to use to solve the problem. Using a haphazard solution can bring your printer one step closer to demise. Regardless of how expensive your printer brand is, the machine will encounter the error code in various ways.

Your printer has a set of mechanical parts that are considered the printer’s most sensitive area. As a result, you must provide proper care and maintenance for the printer and clean it more frequently. In addition to technical errors in your printer, you may encounter error types that necessitate manual labour. As a result, it is preferable to remove dirt and debris from the printer before they cause mechanical damage.

What Is Error P10 All About?

P10 is a common Canon printer error that can occur due to paper jams or a lack of paper. Typically, the model’s instruction manual should include a detailed guide for resolving paper jam issues with the unit. By visiting the official website, you can also look for troubleshooting solutions.

How do I determine what is causing the error code P10?

The Canon printer’s error code P10 indicates a paper jam, one of the most common error codes. Paper jams in Canon printers occur due to debris and dirt particles obstructing the movement of the printer rollers. You should expect to see this error code if you have not cleaned the internal parts of your printer. A paper jam is the most common printer problem, and there may be additional error codes or support codes indicating the paper jam. Because printers are intricately designed machines with multiple points where paper jams can occur, you must proceed with caution. Canon printers are also regarded as a vulnerable stations that can serve as a home for insects and unwanted objects. This is one of the reasons why you should regularly clean and maintain the printer’s internal parts. Now that we’ve gathered all of the available information on Canon printer error code P10, we can move on to the solutions.

In a few simple steps, how do you resolve the error code P10?

Resolving the paper jam error is as simple as resolving minor issues. In addition, hiring a tech expert to solve the paper jam problem will waste both money and time. Follow the steps outlined below to attempt to solve the problem on your own. Before calling a technician, you can try to repair the printer yourself, which will come in handy if you encounter the error code again. So, rather than wasting time, let us get to the solutions. Follow the simple instructions provided below.


  • First, turn off your printer by pressing the power button.
  • Then, while still holding down the power button, press and hold the “Reset” button.
  • It would help to keep the power button pressed while releasing the reset or stop button. The power button must now be pressed and released twice.
  • After completing the preceding steps, you must wait at least 30 seconds. It would be best to wait until the LED light on your printer flashes.
  • Finally, to completely reset the printer, press the power button twice.