Canon has long been known for manufacturing high-quality printers and imaging equipment. It has dominated the market by consistently and incredibly introducing a wide range of features. Canon goods are popular among customers because of their ease of use and high quality. Its operating mechanism is also generally praised and applauded, in addition to its high-end appearance. Despite being a well-known organization, customers frequently find anxiety when dealing with issues relating to its work. Many customers complain about Canon printers printing blank pages. There could be a variety of reasons, causes, and solutions to this problem; let’s take a closer look and see what we can do about it.

1. Why am I printing blank pages from my Canon printer?

When you realize that your Canon Printer is printing blank pages, you immediately assume that your cartridge ink has run out. This isn’t always the case, though. Your printer could be printing blank pages for a variety of reasons. Empty cartridges, poor installation, and clogged nozzles are the most prevalent reasons. Let’s discuss at some of the most typical reasons why your Canon printer is printing blank pages.

-The Canon Printer’s hardware must be malfunctioning.

-The issue could be caused by a cartridge failure.

-An empty ink cartridge is the most prevalent reason.

-This issue could be caused by a software issue.

-The printer driver may be malfunctioning.

-There could be issues with the device you’re using right now.

2. When my Canon printer has ink, why is it printing blank pages?

Have you ever found that even after you’ve refilled your printer’s ink cartridges, the printer continues to malfunction? “Why is my Canon Printer printing blank pages when it has ink?” you might be thinking. There could be a number of reasons for this to occur. Let us discuss a quick look at them.

-Paper dimensions: Double-check that the size of the form’s extension matches the size mentioned by the printer. Because this can cause issues if the paper size in the feeder differs from the one mentioned in the printer’s settings, the extent mentioned in both places must match for the printer to function properly.

-Old cartridges: Another cause of printer blank pages is old cartridges. Ink levels in your Canon cartridges may be insufficient. Despite being full, there is a possibility that ink levels will dry out or become old. The ink levels in old cartridges are at risk of drying out. It could make printing fresh documents more difficult.

-Installation: Another cause could be faulty ink cartridge installation, which could be causing issues. It’s possible that despite your best efforts to install a brand new cartridge, it will have difficulty connecting to the electrical printer. In this scenario, it’s critical that you place your cartridge in the printer appropriately.

-Nozzles: Another reason your printer may be printing blank pages is because of clogged nozzles that prevent ink from flowing freely. Due to dried ink, print heads may become blocked, preventing fresh ink from passing through.

-Outdated printer drivers: This issue could also be caused by outdated printer drivers. So keeping your drivers up to date would be beneficial.

3. How do I get Canon to stop printing blank pages?

The reasons why my printer is printing blank pages Canon have already been mentioned. Let us discuss possible solutions to this problem.

Deep cleaning:

-Select “Devices and Printers” from the control panel.

-After selecting your printer model from the selections, click Properties.

-Look in the printer properties for your device settings.

-Select Preferences from the select-down menu, then “Print Head Option” from the Preferences menu.

-Select “Services and Clean Print Head” from the drop-down menu.

-Select “Deep cleaning” from the maintenance icon, then “Nozzle Check” from the drop-down menu.

-After that, take a few steps to see if the printer is operational.

Updating the printer driver:

-First, open the search box by pressing the Windows+S key combination. Select Device Manager.

-Select the Print Queue option to open it after the device management has loaded.

-Right-click on your printer’s model and select “Update Driver” to see if an update is available.

-Then, if an update is available, select it and install it.

-When the update is complete, restart the device and check it for functionality.

Install the driver again:

-If the issue persists, open “Programs and Features” in your control panel to look for it.

-Select uninstall with a double-click on the driver software.

-After that, restart your computer and reinstall the printer driver.

Breather tape:

-You can check this right immediately since it dries off the ink and prevents new ink from coming out via the tip.


-When the ink dries out at the tip, it is another common issue caused by clogged nozzles. To resolve the problem,

-Remove the unclogged particles and turn off the printer.

-The cartridge should then be removed.

-After that, wipe down the printer with a soft cloth.

-After that, you can install in a fresh ink cartridge and get to work.

Toner levels:

-Another reason your printing pages appear blank could be due to a lack of toner. To resolve the problem:

-First, check sure your toner levels are correct.

-If there isn’t much ink left, you’ll need to replace it right immediately.

-Remove the toners and check them for any defects before replacing them.

-Check that all of the cartridges are properly installed.