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ij start canon ts6320

ij start canon ts6320

The ij start canonTS6320 is a photo inkjet printer that is also wireless. It’s ideal for use at home or in small offices where photos and other documents must be printed. In addition to the all-in-one, Canon includes some nice phone and photo apps. It offers average print speeds but above-average print quality thanks to its 5-color ink system.

The ij start canon TS6320 offers wireless, Bluetooth, Pictbridge, and USB connectivity. Although it lacks a document feeder, it can copy and scan.

The Beginning

The ink cartridges are simple to remove from their packaging and install. Canon included handles in the plastic wrap to make removal from the box easier. That’s a really nice touch. The auto alignment function is also helpful. We techs align print cartridges on a daily basis, so it’s second nature to us, but we still appreciate a printer that can do it for us. One less thing to be concerned about.

Brands are increasingly utilising smart phones. On the control panel, apps can now control copying and scanning functions. Canon includes an OLED display and more buttons for those who prefer a traditional user interface.

WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth are all included with the ij start canon TS6320. The Expression XP-6100 has WiFi direct instead of Bluetooth. Both are compatible with Mac computers.


The ij start canon TS6320 is capable of printing, copying, and scanning. There is no fax or document feeder on either the Canon or the Epson. The Epson has a 4.3-inch colour touch screen, while the Canon has a 1.44-inch OLED display. It is less prone to glare because it is small. It can also be seen from various perspectives. When printing, the Canon’s exit tray automatically moves out, which is a unique feature.

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Pull out the main paper tray to load 100 sheets of paper. I’ve always preferred the contained paper trays. They not only look better, but they also load faster. You won’t have to guess whether the paper is completely inserted or worry about the open tray getting in the way. The exit tray also pulls out for printing and can be closed when not in use.

The rear paper tray also holds 100 sheets of paper. The Expression XP-6100 comes with a 100-sheet paper tray and a 20-sheet paper tray. Canon printers are well-known for their larger paper capacities.

The Expression XP-6100 prints in black and white at 16 ppm and colour at 11 ppm. These are the typical speeds of inkjet printers. It should be neither too slow nor too fast.

Services for printing

The ij start canon TS6320 produces high-quality prints thanks to its 5-color process. 4 x 6 photographs look fantastic. The text is easy to read and understand. The Expression XP-6100 is also a great photographer. Although this is true of any inkjet printer, better paper yields better results.

The print drivers from Canon do a good job of covering the basics of printing. It has some options for page layout and size. There are some basic colour matching and adjustments available.

Expenses for Operations

The ij start canon TS6320’s operating costs are typical for a low-duty-cycle inkjet printer. Printers that print fewer than 500 pages per month are more expensive than higher-volume printers. Supertank printers have the lowest operating costs.

Canon B&W prints cost 6 cents per page, while colour prints cost 15 cents per page. Using XL cartridges will save you two cents per page. For the Expression XP-6100, black-and-white pages cost 5 cents and colour pages cost 19 cents.

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As long as the print volume is low, operating costs aren’t an issue. Only after thousands of pages have been printed will the operating costs begin to mount.


The ij start canon TS6320 is nearly identical to the Expression XP-6100 in terms of quality and features. Despite the fact that the Epson’s display is much larger. There are two 100-sheet paper trays on the Canon. In my opinion, the Canon is slightly easier to set up because of their QR codes. Epson setups are among the most straightforward. I used to believe that Epson utilities were more user-friendly than Canon’s. Although there is still room for improvement, the QR codes make everything easier to set up.

The ij start canon TS6320 produces high-quality photos for a small all-in-one printer. It has a lot of features for the money and comes with Canon’s software. It’s ideal for printing photos at home or in a small office because of all of this.