Canon is a Japanese multinational firm that manufactures cameras, lenses, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and other products. The printer is one of the most common technologies that most people use to meet their printing needs. If you have a Canon All-in-One Printer, you can also scan with it. If you’re new to scanning, though, you may want to learn how to scan on a Canon printer. We’ll walk you through the steps of scanning a document or photograph using a Canon printer in this blog. We’ll also assist you in gathering some useful information about how to use this device correctly. Read on!

1. How do you scan using a Canon printer?

An All-in-One Canon printer can scan a document or photograph to your computer in addition to printing. You can scan a document using the printer using any of the ways listed below:

-Using the Canon Printer’s [Start] button

-Working with the MF Toolbox

-Using an application

Let’s have a look at how to scan a document with a Canon Printer and find out how to scan from a Canon Printer, how to scan on a Canon Printer, and so on.

2. Scan with the Canon Printer’s [Start] button

-Place the document or photograph on the Canon printer’s scanner glass.

-Select “USB Scanning” by repeatedly pressing the “Scan” button.

-Click the “Start” button to begin.

If you are prompted to choose an application to launch, choose “MF Toolbox Ver4.9” and the scanned document will be processed correctly. Once your document has been scanned, a folder with the scanning date will be generated on your C: drive’s “My Pictures” folder. This folder will automatically save all of your scanned documents.

3. Use the MF Toolbar to Scan

Following a few simple steps, you can scan a document or photograph using the buttons on the MF Toolbox. Place the document or photograph on the scanner glass to start the scanning process using this method. Double-click the “Canon MF Toolbox 4.9” icon on your Windows desktop in the next step. You can also use the steps listed below to find an answer to the question of how to scan a document from a Canon printer:

-Click on one of the scanning choices while the MF Toolbox is open.

-If you click “Mail,” the scanned document will be sent to your computer’s email application.

-Selecting “OCR” causes the document to be scanned and read using OCR software.

-Clicking “Save” will scan the document and save it to your computer.

-You can save the scanned document as a PDF file using the “PDF” option.

-You can specify the required settings for the scanned document after a scan setting window shows on the screen.

-After making the necessary modifications, click “Scan” to begin scanning.

4. Use an application to scan

You may scan a document with your Canon printer using a Windows-compliant application. To start, place the document on the scanner glass and open the document scanning application of your process. You must also select the scanning command before selecting the scanner. Select the “Scan” button to scan your document using the application after you’ve required the necessary modifications to the scanner settings.

5. How can I use the IJ Scan Utility to scan with a Canon printer?

If you have the IJ Scan Utility installed on your computer, you can use it to scan a document using your Canon printer. To begin, navigate to the IJ Scan Utility folder by following the steps below:

For Windows PC

-Click the Start button.

-Select the folder “Canon Utilities.”

For Mac

-Click the top-right “Go” option (Menu Bar).

-Select “Applications.”

-Open the folder “Canon Utilities.”

-Open the folder “IJ Scan Utility.”

To receive an answer to questions like how to scan with a Canon Printer, navigate to the Canon Utility folder and launch it. To start, open the “IJ Scan Utility” folder and then click “Settings.” The “Settings” option can be found in the Utility wizard’s lower-right corner. You must also select “Document Scan” from the drop-down menu and follow the steps below:

-Select “PDF” as the document type from the “Data Format” option. You can also scan many pages into one document this way.

-Click “OK” to save the scanned document to your desired location on your computer.

-Place any other documents to be scanned on the scanner glass before scanning the document. When you’re finished scanning, click “Exit.”

6. Manual Document Scanning in Windows OS

If you’re wondering how to manually scan a document from my Canon printer to my computer, just follow these simple steps. It’s as simple as going to your Windows desktop’s “Start” menu and typing “Windows fax and scan.” The Windows Fax and Scan software will open as a result. You can also select “Windows fax and scan” and then “New Scan” from the Fax and Scan window’s upper-left-hand side. In the “Scanner” section, ensure sure the correct device is selected. If the appropriate scanner is not displayed, select your Canon Printer by clicking the “Change” option. To complete scanning your document, follow the steps below:

-Click the “Profile” drop-down box to select the document type.

-Select the document type.

Set your color preferences for the scanned document.

-Click the “File Type” option to choose the file type you want to scan (PDF or JPG).

-Change the page’s other choices before clicking “Preview” to see your document in the scanner.

-Finally, click “Scan” from the drop-down option to start scanning the document.

7. How to resolve a Canon Printer That Won’t Scan

Now that you know how to scan a document from a Canon printer to a computer, continue reading to learn how to fix the printer’s inability to scan. Yes, there may be times when you are trapped and unable to scan a document using the printer. In such circumstances, simple troubleshooting steps can be used to resolve the issue. An outdated printer/scanner driver is one of the most prevalent causes of your Canon printer’s inability to scan. Second, your scanner may not work properly if the device driver is corrupted. While there may be a variety of additional causes for such problems, you can eliminate them using some easy procedures. To begin, check sure the scanner is compatible with your Windows or Mac device. Canon Printer models, for example, are normally compatible with Windows 10, but not with Windows 10S. Then, to resolve the printer’s scanning issue, run the “Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.” Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter:

-Go to the lower-left corner of your Windows desktop and click the “Type here to search” bar.

-In the blank field, type “troubleshoot” and select the “Troubleshoot” option to launch it.

-Select “Hardware and Devices” from the Settings app, then click “Run the Troubleshooter.”

Check if the scanning problem has been addressed after running the troubleshooter. Alternatively, you can restart the device quickly and see if you can scan a document or photograph. If you have a Canon printer and need to scan something, you can use the printer’s “Start” button, the MF Toolbox, or any other compatible Windows or Mac application. You may ensure a smooth scanning of your document by following the steps outlined here. Follow the instructions to the letter and save your scanned document to your computer’s hard drive, an external device, or an email attachment.